Solenco Rechargeable Mini Cupboard Dehumidifier

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Solenco Rechargeable Mini Cupboard Dehumidifier. Great for dehumidifying smaller spaces where conventional dehumidifiers can't be used.
  • Works in an area up to 1m3
  • Highly-Efficient, Wireless, Rechargeable and Portable Dehumidifier
  • NO Batteries or Cords - 100% Wireless. Non-Toxic, Spill and Mess Free, Children and Pet Safe
  • Ideal for use in high humidity small spaces such as Wardrobes, Cabinets, Jewellery Boxes, Drawers, Gym Bags, Boats
No longer will you have signs of mould on your precious possessions. The Solenco Mini Dehumidifier has been designed specifically to remove high humidity, mould and mildew and bad odour from cupboards, wardrobes, cars, caravans, gun safes and other confined spaces. It is perfect for spaces where a portable dehumidifier is not practical.
What makes it fabulous?
It is so small it will fit into any small space. No power required for dehumidification Recharges like a mobile phone. Safe, clean and natural way to dry the air. Indicator changes colour from yellow to green when full. Will not over dry. Will last for years. The Solenco Mini is a small rechargeable dehumidifier that has been designed to complement a full-size portable dehumidifier or work in areas where a normal dehumidifier cannot help. A built-in wardrobe will often smell damp and musty and the clothes inside there will suffer. But by placing a Solenco Mini dehumidifier into the wardrobe the space around the clothes can be dried and mould growth prevented. Our recommendation is for one Mini for a single wardrobe and two for a double wardrobe.
The Solenco Mini Dehumidifier is a small cassette full of silica gel, the material that is often found is small white sachets and shipped with goods like shoes and handbags. Silica gel is a natural absorber of moisture and requires no power to work. Place the unit inside the space to be kept dry and it will start to work instantly. When it has absorbed all of the moisture the display on the front of the unit will change colour from yellow to green. It is at this point that you remove it from the space and plug it into the mains using the power lead that was supplied in the box. This activates a heating plate in the centre of the cassette which warms the silica gel up to release the moisture and regenerate the gel ready to be used again. This process can be repeated thousands of times.
The Solenco Mini Dehumidifier is a simple and brilliant little dehumidifier with a thousand and one uses. If you have a small space that is suffering from damp then the Mini is probably the perfect solution.
Technical Overview
Outer casing: ABS plastic
High molecular absorbing granules: SiO2
Voltage: 100 V - 240 V
Product Dimension: 15.3 x 12 x 3 cm
Packaging Dimension: 16.5 x 13 x 4.5 cm
Weight: 560 gram
Patent: Taiwan, China, Japan, USA and UK
Safety/Quality Approvals: CE & UL. & PSE

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 13 × 5 cm

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