Water Bar Dispenser with 200LPH RO & Automated Filtration


Promotional price: R109,079.00 (incl. VAT & installation, excl. delivery)

The water bar dispenser is designed as a water dispensing point for retail outlets and allows for customers to refill their own bottles with purified water. The unit includes an RO-1500 @200 liter per hour that includes an Automatic Megachar with Runxin head, 3 Stage pre-filtration and 1 Stage post-filtration. 1 x 0.75kw DAB pump with pressure controller. The table is made from stainless steel and includes 5 x taps, three for 5 liter bottles and two for 25 liter containers and has two drip trays. The unit also comes with 1 x UV Sterilizer to ensure that the water in the tank stays clean and disinfected. (Storage tank not supplied)

Technical specifications:

  • Stainless steel table
    • 2 x Drip trays
    • 0.75kw DAB pump with pressure controller
    • 5 x dispensing faucets and plumbing
    • Automatic Megachar with filter media and Runxin head
    • 3 stage pre-filtration including 2 x sediment filters & carbon filter
    • 1 stage post-filtration including sediment filter
    • RO-1500 Reverse Osmosis system @ 200liter per hour includes membrane
    • UV Sterilizer
    • Water meter

Please note: A Water storage tank will be required (Tank not supplied)

Installation price is included. We do installations Nationwide.

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Disclaimer: Limits apply to water quality and quantity that the unit can handle. Have your water tested before installation to ensure that it is the right solution. It is important to note that the volume of water put through the unit as well as the quality of the water will greatly influence the working of the unit and lifetime of parts.

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